M/m sex. If the idea of a discipline relationship between consenting adult males offends you, so will this story.


Kisses Sweeter than Wine

Walter Skinner looked at the beautiful man sleeping next to him and sighed sadly. For weeks he had been fantasizing about that voluptuous mouth, those lips, that pink tongue in its warm cavern. He adjusted his hardening cock. Weeks, and no sign that Alex Krycek had any interest in kissing or being kissed. There seemed to be no limits in his sexual repertory, save this one.

Kissing was what Walter missed most. Walter loved kissing. Loved the intimacy, the closeness. The feeling of warm breath, the mingling of flavors...even thinking about it made him harden further. His erection nudged Alex and without even coming fully awake, the dark haired man began to slide himself down to Walter's groin. Walter groaned as Alex took his cock between his lips and began to work his mouth over it, gave himself up to the pleasure of that hot mouth and skilled tongue.

Why was Walter looking like that, Alex wondered? He looked anxiously across the breakfast table at Walter's distracted expression. Something was wrong. Radar, carefully cultivated over many dangerous years, warned him that Walter was Not Happy and that it probably had something to do with him. Mentally, he reviewed the rules he had been given, fairly certain he had not broken any lately. Notes; you left one if you went out. Telephone; you called if you were going to be late. Bed; you stayed in it till morning. Meals; you ate three of them. Cigarettes; no. Drinks; you asked first. This being civilized was a pain in the ass, sometimes literally.

Still, it had its compensations. Alex's whole body relaxed at the thought of Walter. Warmth and safety and security. Someone to ask questions of. Being held when he was scared. Sex and more sex; that was good.

However, something was wrong this morning. Walter seemed restless. He had a stack of self-help books on the table that he was rapidly dog-earing. Alex sensed something was bothering Walter and that Walter had no intention of sharing it with him. Which meant he was going to have to revive his old skills and ferret out a little information.

Walter meanwhile was growing more and more frustrated. Apparently kissing was not high up on anyone's list of problems related to sexual dysfunction. There were schemes and strategies for enticing your vanilla partner into practically any sort of sexual perversity, but kissing seemed to be either assumed or not wanted. Which left him exactly where he had started. Frustrated.

With a start, he realized Alex was reading over his shoulder. A look at the pile on the table told him Alex had followed his research trail. He hadn't realized just how caught up in his project he had become.

"What is it you want us to do, Walter?" asked Alex curiously, his tongue licking his lips enticingly. "Just tell me. I'll do anything you want, I promise."

"I want you to kiss me, Alex," Walter sighed. "I know it's no big deal and I know you're not comfortable with it. But I really want to kiss you and have you kiss me and I know it's not exactly your hottest fantasy, but I really wish I knew how to get you to like it."

"You could punish me," Alex suggested. "Tell me to kiss you and spank me if I don't. Hard," he added helpfully. Then more doubtfully, "I'd learn. I'm sure."

Walter took off his glasses and leaned his head into his hands, elbows splayed on the table, finger massaging the creases above his nose.

"Jesus, Alex, what an idea," he said. Alex sulked.

"I was trying to help," he pointed out. Walter sat back in his chair and held out his arms.

"Come here," he said. Obediently Alex sat on his lap, reclined in his arms. Walter hugged his lover tightly.

"I know you're just kidding, right?" Walter asked. Alex stiffened.


"Sure, Walter. Whatever," he said uncomfortably. He hated these moments, when something he said seemed suddenly wrong and he couldn't understand why. Walter rubbed his back gently.

"Relax, Alex," he said softly, "We'll talk about this later. Come on, take a deep breath for me, that's it, again." He consciously kept his own body relaxed as he soothed Alex, despite his horrified realization that Alex had been dead serious, and that a lot of the skills he employed in bed had probably been taught just that way. In what was becoming a familiar train of thought, he cursed the shadowy men of the Consortium for the hell they had made of his lover's youth. Alex never talked about his life before, but the more Walter pieced together, the sadder and more disgusted he became. His previous hatred for the Consortium had been professional; now it was personal. Very personal.

It was after dinner, watching Alex down four chocolate truffles with his heavily sweetened coffee, that Walter had his brainstorm. If his idea worked, Alex was going to find kissing a lot more palatable before the night was out.

"Trust me, Alex?" Walter asked. Alex nodded and came into his arms for a hug.

"Always, Walter," he said huskily, wondering what Walter had in mind. Gently Walter guided him into the bedroom, stripped him, and leaned him back on the generous mound of pillows piled against the headboard. Walter had lined up a half dozen shot glasses along the nightstand and filled each one with sweet chocolate liqueur.

Carefully he dipped his finger in the liquid, ran it gently around Alex's mouth. Alex licked it, then smiled.

"Good," he said. Walter grinned to himself. He was a genius. This was going to work. He dipped his middle finger in the liqueur, ran it back and forth on Alex's upper lip. Alex's tongue flicked out, licked at the sweetness. Walter wet his finger again, drew it across Alex's tongue. Alex licked the chocolate liqueur gently from the finger, his tongue soft and thorough. This time Walter wet two fingers, ran them over Alex's partly open mouth. Alex's eyes were hazing over with pleasure at the taste, the attention, and the gentleness with which Walter tried to seduce him.

Walter used his other hand to brace Alex's head; very carefully he brought the glass of liqueur to Alex's lips, letting him take a deep swallow. He put the glass down, pressed Alex back against the pillows and ran his hand over his chest and belly, groped him gently. Alex arched his back, pushing his already erect cock into Walter's hand. Walter massaged him gently and withdrawing his hand, dipped his fingers back into the liqueur, and wiped them across Alex's open mouth. With a moan, Alex sucked more of the sweet fluid eagerly. Once again, Walter held the glass to Alex's lips and let him take a deep swallow. Watched him lick his lips reflexively. Felt smugly satisfied that one glass of liqueur had taken Alex this far. Five to go.

Alex knew Walter wanted this badly, and that thought alone would have sustained him through the mechanics of kissing. But Walter also wanted Alex to enjoy the contact, and Alex knew Walter was not going to be fooled by him faking pleasure. He was touched that Walter had gone this far to make this pleasant for him.

Walter placed the second glass of liqueur in Alex's hand and helped guide it to his lips. As Alex sipped it, Walter continued to caress his erection with his hand. Alex tried not to moan, but Walter was having none of it.

"Come on, Alex, let me hear you. Tell me if it's good. It's OK, Alex, I want to make you feel good. Tell me if it's working." Alex moaned incoherently; Walter decided to take that as a "yes." Helping return the now empty glass to the table, Walter brought the third glass to his own mouth and sipped it slowly, rolling the liqueur around before swallowing it. He could taste the chocolate on his own lips. Continuing to play gently with Alex's cock, he leaned forward and gently rubbed his closed lips over Alex's. Alex's reservations about the contact were overcome by the now familiar taste. He darted his tongue forward, licked gently at Walter's coated lips. Alex himself reached for the fourth tiny glass. He brought it up between Walter's lips and his own. Carefully, Walter took a sip and watched Alex do the same. Alex leaned forward, breathing hard and gently covered Walter's lips with his own. Walter stayed motionless as Alex's tongue explored his lips, teased the opening between them, and tentatively slipped inside.

As Alex savored the chocolate-coated essence of Walter's mouth, Walter continued to stroke his cock with a firm hand. Alex's back arched in pleasure as Walter's thumb work its way back and forth over the slit in the head and the ridge of tender flesh below. Clear fluid coated his fingers.

Trembling with excitement, Alex swallowed the fifth glass of liqueur in one shot. He leaned back against Walter.

"Please, Walter, I love you, this is so good, I love you so much." He rubbed his cheek against Walter's chest, then kissed Walter full on the mouth, all reservations gone. Walter took the sixth glass of liqueur and sipped it without swallowing. Carefully, he brought his lips to Alex's. Alex lapped the extra liqueur from Walter's mouth.

With a sigh of joy, Walter leaned back and drew Alex to him. That Alex would do this for him, would let go enough to follow his lead, both thrilled and touched him. He continued to stroke Alex's cock slowly and persistently, until Alex arched against him in desperate need, his breath coming fast.

"Make me come, please Walter," Alex begged.

"Kiss me," Walter said. Alex fastened his mouth on Walter's, probing with his tongue, widening his own mouth to allow Walter easier access. Alex was overwhelmed with pleasure as Walter's tongue explored his mouth and he came, hard, in Walter's hand.

"I love you, Alex," Walter said, gathering Alex into his arms. Unable to utter a coherent thought, Alex just grinned. Reached with his lips for Walter's cheek, kissed him softly. Snuggled trustingly into his arms. The two men fell into a sound sleep, their bodies entwined.

Alex awakened first, eager to greet his lover and the new day. He rolled himself full length on top of Walter and kissed him soundly. Walter smiled with sleepy pleasure.

"Love you, Alex," he said, his voice warm with happiness.

"Love you too, Walter."


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