M/m sex, discipline, spanking, memories of child abuse. If the idea of a discipline relationship between consenting adult males offends you, so will this story.


A Safe Speed

Walter, come home. Please come back, Walter.

Former triple agent and Consortium bad boy Alex Krycek stood shivering in the kitchen of the house he shared with AD Walter Skinner, trying to slow his breathing. In his good hand he clutched two crumpled pieces of paper. The first was a note in Walter's precise script. Back soon. The second was a speeding ticket.

Alex remembered the last ticket he'd gotten. Remembered Walter's worried frown as he kneaded the crease at the bridge of his nose, his head down, his glasses resting on the table at which Alex sat writing a check for the fine.

"You cannot drive this way any more, Alex. I'm worried about you. Slow down before you get hurt. This is the last time I'm going to warn you. If you get another ticket, I am going to have to punish you."

Punishment. This had not been part of the plan at all.

Walter saw Alexís car in front of the house and felt the now familiar lift any evidence of Alex's presence in his life always produced. He pushed through the unlocked front door, smiled at the discarded leather jacket tossed across the back of the old wing chair. Thought ruefully of the half dozen wooden hangers dangling empty in the closet, then remembered just how long it had taken for Alex to relax enough to leave any clues to his existence around the house. It warmed him to think Alex no longer felt he had to cover his tracks. Stepping into the kitchen, he saw Alex at the window, his back to him.

Alex had let his mind drift back to earlier in the day. He had started towards home with such high hopes. Walter had promised a weekend of easy time together. None of his damned "major projects," none of his "teach Alex to play nicely with others" social engagements. Just the two of them. Alex had been fantasizing about Walterís strong hands caressing him, his lips on his cock. The sound of the siren had caught him unaware. Shit. He gulped. Walter had made it clear he was done overlooking these tickets.

"You again!" the officer had exclaimed. "Second time Iíve pulled you over, pretty boy. I told you last time, this is a forty-five mile an hour zone. These curves are bad. If you come around too fast, youíll go right off the edge. Now, let me see your license and registration. All right. Watch your speed next time, we donít want to be scraping you off the rocks." Alex kept his mouth shut, willed himself to breathe through his nose. Tried not to focus on the sandy hairs at the officer's wrist, the pale, thick fingers reaching towards him. Tried not to flinch as the officer handed him the ticket.

"Keep out of trouble, pretty boy."

"Yes, sir." Alex had kept his eyes down, holding his breathing steady with tremendous effort. Please let that be all. Please don't make me get out of the car. I want to go home. Please let me go home.

"Pretty boy." He had heard the words so many times before, and what followed was always bad. Being manhandled into position across a strange bed for someoneís pleasure, the whip cutting down, searing pain across his back, his throat tight with terror. "Pretty boy." Those two words meant he would be hurt. "Pretty boy." Not so pretty afterwards, with his bloodied face, his bruised body. "Pretty boy." Please, I want to go home. Please, please let me go home.

Walter, Walter, he scared me bad. Alex had driven home with his heart in his throat, longing for Walterís arms around him, Walterís kind voice driving out the mocking voices in his head. Walter's voice...

"If you get another ticket, I am going to have to punish you." Shit.

"There you are, Alex. Didn't you hear me come in? "asked Walter.

Alex started at his question and backed flat against the counter, the small of his back hitting the edge with a wicked thud that made Walter wince. Alex showed no reaction to the pain, Walter noted, dismayed at the sight before him. Alex continued to back away, wheezing, his black hair a sweat-soaked hank over his whitened face. His green eyes darted wildly side to side, seeking an escape route. Something was very, very wrong.

"Easy, Alex, easy. Come on, this isnít like you at all. Talk to me. Can you tell me what's wrong? Did something frighten you? " Walter said gently. It had been a long time since he had seen Alex so panicked. Alex licked his lips, a faint groan echoing somewhere deep in his chest.

"Can you tell me what happened to upset you so much?" He extended his hand slowly in Alex's direction. Alex flinched and dropping the two crumpled pieces of paper to the counter, wrapped his good arm around himself. His eyes met Walterís for only a second before he shut them tightly, as if not seeing Walter would somehow make him disappear.

"Alex," Walter tried again. "I wonít touch you if you donít want me to. But at least look at me. All right?" Alex shivered.

"Promise?" he rasped, almost inaudibly.

"Promise, Alex," Walter said, Alex opened his eyes.

"Good," Walter said gently.

"Do you think you can come out from that corner?" Alex took a step forward, his breathing audible. Walter stepped back slowly, his eyes on Alex.

"Can you come closer to me?" he coaxed "Thatís it, youíre OK, no oneís going to hurt you. Come to me, thatís it, youíre all right, easy now, that's it..." Alex moved tentatively into his arms. Walter stroked his hair gently, rubbed his back through his sweat-soaked shirt, wanting him to know he was safe, he was loved.

"Itís all right, Alex. Come here, Iím not going to hurt you, come here to me."

Alex buried his head in Walter's shoulder, his breathing labored, every muscle tensed. Alex inhaled the familiar clean scent of Walter, trying to will himself to calm down, trying to shake the voices that pounded in his head. Walter held Alex against him, feeling him shudder.

"I won't hurt you, you're safe now," he said softly, drawing him into the living room. "I'm right here." He eased Alex onto his back on the couch.

"What the hell happened?' Walter said out loud. Alex was white and icy, his clothing soaked with sweat. His pupils were so dilated his green eyes looked almost black. Walter ran his hands gently but firmly the length of Alex's slender body, but could detect no signs of injury. This was going to take some figuring out.

For the millionth time Walter cursed the cigarette smoking bastard and the shadowy men of the Consortium for how they had scarred the man he loved. Alex hid most of his memories of his youth in the Consortiumís playrooms, but Walter knew the triggers were there.

"Stay here," he said softly, drawing the blanket from the foot of the couch over Alex's trembling form.

"I'm going to get you something to drink. " Alex needed a soda, something with sugar to restore him from the deep shock of the adrenaline-fueled panic attack he was obviously suffering. Reentering the kitchen, Walter took a glass from the cabinet, set it on the counter, and reached into the refrigerator for the ginger ale. He filled the glass swiftly, anxious to get back to Alex. As he recapped the bottle, the two crumpled papers on the counter caught his eye. He smoothed them out carefully. One was his own note. The other was a speeding ticket. Seventy miles an hour in a forty-five mile an hour zone. Damn. He knew that stretch. The curves were bad; it was dangerous. He had warned Alex before about his driving.

Walter rubbed his head tiredly. There was no question of punishing Alex when he was this upset. The speeding ticket would have to be dealt with later. For now, his priority was to try to restore Alex to some semblance of himself.

He inserted a straw in the glass of ginger ale and carried it out to the living room. Seating himself on the couch, he eased the straw into Alex's mouth.

"Drink, Alex," he coaxed, stroking his finger gently alongside the pale mouth, feeling the black stubble beneath the whitened skin. Alex eyed him blankly.

"Come on, Alex, just a little. You'll feel better." Cupping Alex's chin in his palm, he ran his thumb over Alex's lips, kneaded his jaw.

"Come on, Alex, swallow." Alex obediently took a small pull at the straw.

"That's good. Just a few more sips, OK?" Alex swallowed again. Gradually his breathing steadied. The faintest hint of pigment infused his chalk white pallor.

"Better now?" Walter asked. Alex dragged his hand across his face.

"Sorry, Walter," he whispered. Walter ruffled his sweaty hair with a gentle hand.

"It's going to be OK, Alex. How about we get you out of these clothes and into the tub?" Alex nodded.

"Let me help you up." Walter waited until Alex's eyes met his, then extended his hand. Alex grasped it and swung his legs free of the blanket, allowing Walter to tug him upright and lead him upstairs. In the bathroom, Walter seated Alex on the wicker bench that kept folded towels handy, and ran water into the deep tub. He slipped the sweaty tee shirt over Alex's head, carefully released the prosthesis.

"Let's get these jeans off, OK?" Alex made no move to comply.

"Shall I help you?" Alex inclined his head a fraction of an inch. Understanding the gesture, Walter undid Alex's belt, opened the button at the top of his pants, and slid down the zipper.

"Up a minute." He tugged them over Alex's narrow hips.

"These too, OK?" Slipped his boxers down his scantily haired thighs. Checking with his hand to be sure the water was comfortable, he helped Alex into the tub. Alex sank down with a small sigh.

"I knew that'd feel good," Walter said. "Want me to wash your hair for you?" This time Alex nodded. Walter warmed a capful of shampoo in his hand, worked it into the heavy dark hair, his fingers massaging the tight knots in Alex's scalp, careful to keep the suds out of Alex's eyes. Alex rolled his head back into Walter's hands, moaning in pleasure. Walter smiled with relief. Alex was back. He used the cup from alongside the sink to rinse Alex's hair clean.

"Soak a little longer," he said. "I'll find you some fresh clothes." Retreating to their bedroom, he pulled a tee shirt and clean sweats from Alex's dresser, grabbed a pair of boxers.

Walter shepherded Alex out of the tub, toweled him off and helped him into dry clothes. Leading Alex to the bedroom, he pushed him gently onto the bed. Propped pillows behind him, tucked covers around him. As he anticipated, Alex shook his head at the mention of eating. Nonetheless Walter slipped down to the kitchen and returned with a hefty bowl of rice pudding and a spoon. He sat back against the headboard with the food, drawing Alex close to him. As Walter cuddled him, Alex gradually began to pick at the pudding. Walter smiled to himself. Alex was incapable of resisting sweets. Walter watched with satisfaction as Alex finished most of the bowl.

"Better, Alex?" Walter asked. Alex nodded. "Tell me what happened?"

In reply, Alex draped himself across Walter, his arms snaking around Walter's waist, his mouth warm against Walter's crotch, his teeth teasing at Walter's zipper. "Please..." he moaned. Walter forced himself to breathe deeply. Sex was always easier for Alex than words. He tangled his fingers in Alex's hair and gently tugged his head up. Hugging Alex, he kissed him thoroughly.

"Talk first," he said firmly.

Alex chewed his lip, looking distinctly guilty.

"I got another speeding ticket," he whispered. Walter sighed with relief. At least Alex trusted him enough to confess.

"We've talked about this before," he said. "Alex, you've got to take more responsibility for your driving. You could lose your license or be arrested. With your record, you'd be looking at some serious jail time. You could hurt yourself or someone else. I warned you the last time that you were stopped. Do you remember we agreed you would slow down? What did I warn you would happen if you were stopped again?" He felt Alex shiver.

"Please, Walter, don't hurt me," Alex whispered. Walter inhaled deeply, let his breath out slowly. Damn, he hated the fear in Alex's voice. He wished Alex would trust him. It hurt to know he still frightened Alex.

"Alex, I would never hurt you. It's important that you know that. That isn't what punishment is about. It's about setting boundaries. It's about keeping you safe. You need to learn a lesson. Driving too fast is dangerous. Think of how I'd feel if anything happened to you. Do you agree that it's important for you to be safe?"

"Safe is good," whispered Alex.

"Safe is more than good, Alex. Safe is essential. I think you'll agree that driving recklessly again and again and again calls for more than just losing dessert. We need a punishment that will help you remember. Wouldn't you agree you deserve to be spanked?" Walter continued. To his astonishment, Alex broke from his embrace and dove to the floor. Digging his toes into the carpet, he forced himself into the narrow space under the bed. Walter was nonplussed. Alex Krycek, ex-Consortium assassin, hiding from a spanking?

"What am I missing?" Walter muttered to himself. He decided this merited a closer look. With surprising grace for a large man, he lowered himself flat to the floor and peered under the bed. Alex lay flat on his belly, his head turned to the side, heedless of the dust that clung to his hair and streaked his face. His body barely cleared the bed frame. His eyes were closed. There was no mistaking his terror. Walter shook his head. He wasn't sure what this was about, but one thing was clear. It sure as hell wasn't only a speeding ticket.

"Easy, Alex," Walter said quietly. "I want to understand. Talk to me." Alex finally opened his eyes.

"Iím afraid," he said. Walter sighed.

"I wonít hurt you, you know that, donít you?"

"Hurts when you spank me," Alex said sulkily.

"Alex," Walter tried again. "Have I ever spanked you without first talking it through with you? You know I wonít spank you unless we both agree it's right. Come out now. Let me help you." Alex shivered. Under the bed seemed safe.

"Come on, Alex, I can see how frightened you are. Can't you trust me enough to talk about what's wrong? " Walter coaxed. He tried not to feel hurt when Alex only nodded uncertainly.

"You'll have to come out eventually," he said reasonably. Alex said nothing. Wearily, Walter stood up, got back into bed.

"Whenever you're ready, Alex."

Alex shifted uncomfortably. He hated tight spaces. He remembered dimly a long, long time ago, in another place, hiding under a different bed. He remembered all too well the beating he'd gotten after he'd been dragged out. But Walter hadnít hurt him, hadn't dragged him screaming and spitting from his hiding place. He had seemed to care that Alex was afraid, even though he didn't know why. Had looked at him with caring eyes, had spoken to him gently. As if he genuinely didnít understand, as if he wanted to help. The part of Alex that had begun to trust Walter began shakily to reemerge. Alex crept back into the bed. Walter lay on his back staring at the ceiling. Alex insinuated himself under the familiar arm. Warm brown eyes regarded him steadily.

"Here," Walter said, tugging him close. "Come on up, I've got you." Alex curled tensely against Walter's chest, and Walter rubbed his back gently, trying to relax his tight shoulders. It was a long time before Alex softened against him.

"Pretty boy," Alex hissed.

"What?" Walter asked softly, not understanding.

"Pretty boy." Alex whispered again. "Second time Iíve pulled you over, pretty boy," he said, repeating the hated words in a voice barely recognizable as his own.

Walter wasnít sure where the words came from, nor why they had upset Alex so badly. There would be time to sort that out. At least Alex was talking again.

"Walter," Alex whispered. "Walter, he scared me bad."

The hair on Walter's neck rose at the naked fear in Alex's voice. He sounded like a terrified child. That's it, Walter realized. He's back somewhere else. He is acting much, much younger. Somehow, the words "pretty boy" had catapulted him into an earlier era, when punishment was arbitrary and cruel, when being punished had meant being beaten and hurt. Walter sighed again. No wonder Alex had panicked. The memories Alex was reliving were a far cry from the loving and supportive discipline he tried hard to provide.

"Can you tell me more about how being called 'pretty boy' made you feel?" Walter asked. Alex shook his head.

"Please, Walter, I don't want to talk about it anymore," he said, rolling on top of Walter and grinding the full length of his body against him. Walter groaned involuntarily as he felt Alex's cock rubbing his thigh through his thin cotton boxers. His own cock started in response, straining against his jeans. Alex grinned and brought his mouth down on Walter's, his tongue caressing Walter's mouth seductively. Walter was awed at the sheer heat of his lover. Clamping his jaw, he twisted his legs around Alex's and flipped him on his back. Green eyes looked up at him, hazy with arousal.

"We are not going to do this, Alex," he said in his most authoritative voice. Or at least, he tried to. It was hard to sound authoritative when your cock was rigid against your belly and your lover was sprawled below you with his legs spread open and a shit-eating grin on his face.

"Alex, stop. You are beautiful and I love you and we are not having sex until we settle this," Walter said firmly. Alex groaned and rolled out from under Walter. His eyes hardened; his mouth tensed.

"Fine, Walter. I know I was bad. I'll watch the goddamn speed limit. Just punish me, OK? I know I deserve it," he said. Walter hesitated. This felt all wrong.

"I think we need to talk some more first," he said uncertainly. Alex shook his head, a dissatisfied frown on his face.

"Please, Walter, stop fucking with my head. First you say you're going to punish me, now you won't do it. Come on, Walter, please, spank me. I just want to get it over with."

"Slow down, Alex. I really don't think you're ready for this," Walter said reluctantly, as Alex raised his hips, slid his sweats down. Breathing shallowly, he shoved the well-washed boxers past his knees and kicked them free. His black tee shirt partially concealed his now flaccid cock, nestled close to his body in its soft furry nest. He shut his eyes, his body rigid. Involuntarily he gagged, trying to muffle the sound. Walter grimaced. Alex was still drifting in and out of his miserable past. It would be cruel and pointless to punish Alex before he was safely re-anchored in the present.

"Breathe, Alex, breathe. Slow down, it's all right. No way am I going to spank you when you're this upset," he soothed, stroking Alex's cheek. Alex bolted for the bathroom. Walter could hear him retching. He found Alex on his knees, head in the toilet.

"Easy, easy," he whispered, rubbing Alex's shoulders reassuringly.

"Let it come up, that's it, I'm right here, it's OK."

Alex stopped gagging, but it was a long time before he stopped shaking. Walter snuggled the limp body close to him, half-carrying Alex back to bed. He lay spent and unresisting in Walterís arms, allowing Walter to stroke his hair smooth and run his hands gently over his slender, tautly muscled body. Walter rocked him against his warm chest, smoothing his dark hair, kissing him softly, murmuring reassurances, wanting him to know he was safe, he was loved. Gradually, his breathing steadied. Walter eased him back in the bed.

"I'm sorry, Walter, I'm sorry. Donít go, Walter, donít make me go away," Alex whispered.

"Never," Walter said. "Itís all right, Alex, Iím not going anywhere, and neither are you. It's OK, I have you, you're safe." He lay back, drew Alex to him, felt him tremble as his hand brushed gently over back and buttocks. The small movement saddened Walter. No way was he going to punish Alex until he was certain Alex was firmly grounded in the present.

"It's all right, Alex, I have you. No one's going to hurt you any more. Shh, it's OK, don't be afraid. We're just going to sleep now." He spooned Alex against him.

"Walter?" Alex whispered.

"What, Alex?"

"I get scared sometimes. They hurt me, they hurt me bad, even when I tried to be good, to do what they said." Walter's throat ached sympathetically. He could hear how much it hurt Alex to talk.

"I'm sorry, baby," he said softly.

"No," Alex said. "Not baby, not pretty boy. Just Alex."

"I'm sorry, Alex," Walter said. "My poor Alex. My good Alex." He rocked the younger man until his breathing deepened into sleepy snores. Walter 's mouth was dry and bitter, his heart racing. He understood now why Alex hated any of the usual endearments, why only his own name made him feel real and centered. I hope those bastards burn in hell for what they did to him, he thought, teeth clenched. Keeping his touch light, he stroked the dark hair back from Alex's forehead meditatively. It was a long time before he finally fell asleep.

Walter woke slowly. Alex was curled against him, tucked in his arms, his beautiful face still soft with sleep. Sensing Walter's eyes on him, he opened his own.

"Love you, Walter," he breathed, teasing his tongue into Walter's mouth. Walter kissed him back, deeply and gently, his hand at the nape of Alex's neck.

"I love you, Alex," he said softly, enjoying the feel of his lover's stubble against his lips. He swung out of bed and into the bathroom, padded downstairs. Alex dogged his footsteps. He lounged at the table while Walter made coffee, scrambled eggs, buttered toast. Poked half-heartedly at the plate Walter gave him. Walter ate with less than his usual relish.

"Not hungry, Alex?" he asked, noting the untouched plate.

"Are we ever going to have sex again?" Alex asked. Walter almost choked on his coffee.

"What do you think?" he asked, pushing his chair back.

"You're doing this to punish me, right?" Alex said, his green eyes unhappy.

"Alex. I will never, ever withhold sex as a punishment. I love you, I love making love with you, I love everything we do together in bed. But I am not going to let your considerable charms distract me from doing what I have to do to keep you safe. You need to learn a lesson. You cannot drive dangerously anymore."

"So you're still going to spank me?" Alex said, his green eyes now shiny with apprehension. Walter wished fiercely that he could just take Alex in his arms and hold him. He knew at the same time that only consistent rules would keep Alex safe, that Alex needed the security that firmly enforced boundaries gave. Alex had to be held accountable for his actions. Walter had to keep his word.

"Alex, my only concern here is making sure you are safe. You need to learn a lesson. You cannot drive above the speed limit. If I thought talking to you did any good, I would talk until I was blue in the face. But we've already discussed this, and it didn't have any impact on your behavior. You had fair warning. You need to be punished. Do you agree?"

"Yes," sighed Alex resignedly. Walter took his jaw gently in his hand.

"Look at me," he said. "There is absolutely no rush on this. As long as you give me your car keys, we can wait. I don't want a repeat of last night." Alex swallowed hard.

"I'm ready, Walter," he whispered, his green eyes naked before the searching brown ones. "I trust you." Walter ran his thumb over Alex's cheek, along his jaw.

"Do you know how much you matter to me, Alex? How much I need you? How empty my life would be without you? I don't want to visit you in prison or in the hospital. I don't want to reclaim your body from the morgue. I want you in my house, in my bed, in my life forever. I want to hold you and love you. I don't like to spank you, but if that's what it takes to make you slow down and drive safely, then I will spank you. I will spank you because I love you, Alex. I will spank you because your safety matters to me, Alex. I will spank you because you matter to me, Alex."

"I know you have to spank me, Walter," Alex whispered, holding his eyes. He rubbed his cheek against Walter's hand. "I know I need this."

"Come, then." Walter took Alex's good elbow and steered him to the couch in the living room. Seating himself, he tugged Alex in front of him.

"You know I love you?" Walter asked. Alex nodded.

"That I am punishing you to teach you a lesson? You must drive safely. How do you think I would feel if you were arrested? If you hurt someone? If you got hurt or even killed? Remember, Alex, we said this was about trust. Well, I need to be able to trust you to drive safely. And I think a spanking will help you remember how important that is. Do you agree you deserve to be spanked?"

"Yes, Walter," Alex whispered.

"Take your pants down then, Alex. Boxers too," Walter said gently. He guided him into position across his lap, his hand a warm, reassuring weight at the small of Alex's back.

"You OK so far, Alex?" he asked. Alex nodded.

"I am going to spank you now. Tell me why."

"Because I got a ticket. I drove too fast, I wasn't careful, I could have gotten arrested, or hurt someone, or..."

"Or what, Alex?"

"Or gotten hurt!"


"Or killed! I'm sorry, Walter, I'm sorry..."

Walter brought his hand down hard across Alex's narrow buttocks. Alex stiffened at the impact. Walter knew each smack hurt. He could feel Alex quiver with the effort of trying to stay still.

"You are never, never, never to exceed the speed limit again. Is that clear?" Walter accompanied each word with another sharp smack.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry, Walter, please," Alex begged. "I'll slow down, I promise. Ow! Please, Walter, I'll be careful. I don't want to get hurt. I don't want to die. Please, Walter, please, I don't want to be hurt..." Alex was crying freely now.

"I'm sorry, Walter, I'm sorry. It hurts, it hurts. No more, please, Walter, no more." Walter leaned forward and stroked Alex's hair.

"OK, Alex, OK. All over now. I got you, you're safe, don't be afraid, it's all right." He drew Alex against him, rocking him.

Alex sobbed. It had hurt, maybe not as much as some of the beatings he'd had in his life, but more than he had thought it would. How could Walter's gentle hand feel so hard, so implacable, while blistering his butt? And how could that same hand make him feel so loved, so cared for, stroking his hair, rubbing his back?

"All over now, Alex, itís all right, itís all done. You're forgiven. You were very brave, you did good. It's all over now. You're OK."

"Iím OK," he said softly, scarcely believing it. "Iím OK, Walter, Iím OK." He cried then for all the times he had been hurt and left alone, afraid, uncomforted. Walter held him closely, his brown eyes sad, his lips lingering over his dark hair.

"Easy now, I'm going to take care of you. No one's ever going to hurt you again. You're safe now, Alex." He noticed Alex licking his dry lips.

"Here, stretch out on your stomach and I'll get you some juice." He stroked Alex's hair reassuringly.

"Right back." He reseated himself alongside Alex and eased him back into his arms. He handed Alex the glass and watched him sip. Alex smiled tentatively.

"Am I really fucked up, Walter?" he asked. "To need this?" His hand sketched a circle between them. Walter leaned forward and kissed Alex carefully.

"Listen to me, Alex. It takes enormous courage for you to trust me this way, for you to admit you need to learn, for you to accept being punished. You are very, very brave and I love you very, very much." He hugged Alex warmly.

Alex twisted sideways, wincing as his butt brushed Walter's thighs, his mouth hungrily seeking Walter's. He opened his mouth to Walter's questing tongue, his body arching against Walter. Walter hugged him tightly.

"Please, Walter," Alex moaned, his hips pressing insistently against Walter. He tried to slide his head down to Walter's lap, but Walter pushed him gently back against the couch. He slipped his hand under Alex's tee shirt, brushed lightly over the hardened nipples, the sparse hair surrounding them silky against his fingers. Easing Alex's head forward, he tugged the tee shirt off, his cock hardening at the sight of the slender, finely muscled torso.

"Upstairs," he muttered hoarsely, tugging Alex up from the couch and turning him towards the stairs. Alex shone under a light sheen of sweat, his reddened ass only accentuating his fine, clean musculature. Walter followed him, admiring the view.

As Alex rolled back into the bed, too eager to even feel the sheets against his punished bottom, Walter efficiently shucked his own clothing. He straddled Alex, keeping his weight on his knees and arms, dipping down to kiss the beautiful mouth that opened so willingly to his. Alex whimpered incoherently as Walter trailed his tongue along his lips, over his roughened jaw, down his neck. Walter lapped gently at the pebbled nipples, rubbed the tight mounds with his palm. Alex shuddered with arousal. With firm, slow strokes Walter massaged Alex's flat stomach, reached lower and kneaded the soft skin of his inner thigh. Alex's cock strained forward and his breathing hoarsened. Walter tucked his lips back and widening his mouth took Alex's cock deep inside, his tongue tracing the raised network of veins. He found his rhythm, felt the head of Alex's cock bulging against his palate. He bobbed his head, enjoying Alex's trembling, his shaky groans.

"Walter, I--" Alex gasped as his hips bucked and his balls contracted. He arched his back and Walter smugly clamped his mouth around his cock as Alex came, his hot cum coursing through Walter's mouth and spilling over his lips and chin.

Slowly, he released Alex's limp cock, drew the sheet across his sticky face and flopping back on the pillows, rolled Alex against his chest.

"Good?" he said, knowing the answer. Alex drew great shuddering breaths, his half-closed eyes and panting grin a clear yes.

"I love you, Walter," he whispered. "I love you so much." He rubbed his hand across Walter's bristly face, his clean, smooth scalp. He tightened his leg over Walter's, running his foot over Walter's hairy, heavily muscled calf. He snuggled his hips against Walter. Walter reached his hand between their pressed stomachs, adjusted his stiff cock more comfortably. He rubbed Alex's back, enjoying the feel of the long muscles. Gently he pushed Alex onto his back, rolled on top of him, careful to keep most of his weight on his hands.

"More?" he asked, knowing that answer, too. Alex stretched under him. With his good hand he reached for the night table and snagged the lube, handed it to Walter. Walter sat back on his heels, pressing Alex's legs back. Open handed, he stroked the inside of Alex's thighs and the tender skin below his balls. He squeezed a generous gob of gel into one palm, used it to lubricate the first two fingers of his hand. Made gentle circles over Alex's tight hole until it opened under his massage. He slipped one blunt finger inside, enjoying the tightness.

"That's it, Alex, you're so good, so tight. That's it, open for me, let me in," he crooned, easing his finger incrementally deeper. Alex groaned.

"Oh God, Walter, yes, please..."

Walter drew his hand back slightly, crossed his second finger in front of the first and worked both slick fingers further inside. Alex's cock stiffened again.

"Your cock, Walter, please, I need your cock in me," he begged.

Walter slicked the rest of the gel over his engorged cock. Withdrawing his fingers, he lifted Alex's legs over his shoulders and leaning forward placed the head of his cock against Alex.

"Breathe, Alex," he crooned, pressing slowly, inexorably into the opening below him. Alex softened around him, moaning his pleasure as Walter penetrated him fully. Grasping Alex's cock in his slick hand, he squeezed it in rhythm with his thrusts.

The hot tight channel contracted around his swollen cock. With a shout, he came inside Alex, deep and hard. He stroke his hand hard over the head of Alex's cock two or three final times and Alex shuddered as a trickle of cum spilled over Walter's fingers.

Walter collapsed on top of Alex. They lay together, silent, sated, breathing hard. Walter rolled onto his back, cuddling Alex to him.

"I love you, Alex, I love you so much," he said, stroking his soft, dark hair. His fingertips traced his eyebrows, the fine curve of his cheeks, the full outline of his lips.

"You're so beautiful," he sighed. "My Alex. Love you forever."

"Mmm," Alex said. He tangled his fingers in Walter's chest hair, licked his lips, and kissed whatever part of Walter he could reach without moving. Snuggled deeper into Walter. Closed his eyes, smiled. Breathed.

They both awakened slowly as a shift in the light through tilted blinds signaled late afternoon.

"I'm hungry," Alex said against Walter's chest. Walter smiled at his petulant tone.

"I'll take you for dinner. Where do you want to go?" he asked.

"Margot's?" Alex asked. Walter thought about it.

"It's long way," he said. "Why not something closer?"

"They have raspberry devil's food mousse cake," Alex said dreamily.

"Fine," Walter said, knowing when he was beaten. "I'll make a reservation. How long do you think it'll take us to get there?"

"Twenty minutes?" said Alex.

"Alex! It's forty miles!" Walter said, despairing. Alex calculated quickly, his hand straying to his bottom.

"Umm...an hour?" he amended. "All right?"

"That's better," Walter groused. "Go on, shower. No, by yourself. Do you want to kill me?" He tousled Alex's hair affectionately. With a smirk, Alex rolled out of bed.

Forty-five minutes later, both men were shaved, showered and dressed. They held hands as they walked through the living room. Alex paused to shrug into his leather jacket. Walter reached for the car keys on the hook by the door.

"Here," he said, tossing them to Alex. "You drive."


FOR my beta, Lorelei, with thanks for her patience, cogent commentary, reassurance and caring attention to this, my first story. I also wish to thank HollyIlex for her suggestions regarding both form and substance. EM



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