M/m sex, spanking. If a discipline relationship between adult males offends you, so will this story.


Traffic Offense

"It wasn't my fault, Leo," Scott said.

"It's all right," Leo answered. "As long as you're not hurt."

"I didn't see the stop sign."

"I know, Scotty."

"It really wasn't my fault, Leo."

"It's all right, Scotty. Let me just call the insurance company. Can you nuke dinner?"

"It Wasn't my fault."

"Scot, I have a headache. I'm tired. You're all right, that's the important thing. Let's just have dinner andó"

"You don't believe me! Shit, Leo, listen to me! It wasn't my fault!"

"Don't yell at me, Scotty," Leo said. "I can hear you just fine. And don't curse at me."

"Shit! Shit! I'm only cursing because you're not listening! Fuck you, Leo, it was Not my fault. Fuck you!" Scott faced Leo, breathing hard. "Go ahead, spank me. I fucking dare you."

Leo sighed.

"Take your jeans off, Scott," Leo said, resignedly pulling out a straight-backed chair from the table. "Get yourself over here, that's it." He settled Scott face down over his lap. "You don't curse at me. Even if you feel guilty and you want to be spanked."

"That isn't-- I didn't--" Scott sputtered. "Leo, it wasn't on purpose! I swear!"

Leo raised Scott's hips fractionally so that he could lower Scott's briefs.

If a thing's worth doing, it's worth doing right, Leo thought to himself, bringing the flat of his hand down hard across Scott's bare butt. He spanked fast and furiously, wanting to make it sting. Wanting to make two things clear.

Cursing isn't communicating. Deal with guilt by talking, not acting out. Scott wrote the two lines over and over.

"Can I stop yet?" Scott asked Leo plaintively. "My butt hurts and now my hand's hurting too."

"What happens next time you make a mistake?" Leo asked.

"I talk to you about feeling guilty," Scott said.


"I don't curse you out. Ever," Scott said. "I'm sorry, Leo."

"And was this spanking about you running a stop sign and denting the car, or about you feeling guilty and trying to make me angry?" Leo asked sternly.

"Guilty. Angry. I'm sorry, Leo. Please can I stop writing now?"

"All right, Scotty," Leo relented. He wrapped his arms around his lover from behind, kissed the top of his head.

"I love you too, Leo," Scott said, leaning back into Leo's embrace.

"All mine," Leo said. "Come on, get washed up for bed."