M/m sex, discipline, spanking. If the idea of a discipline relationship between consenting adult males offends you, so will this story.


Interference: An Homage to HollyIlex's Look for America

Alex looked longingly through the kitchen window at the bright sunny day outside.

He knew how good the leaves would smell, warm and toasty in the early autumn sun. He longed to open the window and enjoy the fresh air.

But he didn't dare. Alex scowled at the faint outline of his neighbor, visible on his deck through the gold and scarlet foliage.

Mr. Noise. Alex hated Mr. Noise with deep and abiding passion.

Walter tolerated Mr. Noise. He disliked the man's penchant for blasting music from his deck, but he was able to ignore the discordant sounds and enjoy their yard despite them.

Alex, however, found Mr. Noise's music more than irritating. It was a not so subtle torture, a constant strain on his always-taut nerves.

Even when Mr. Noise's noxious music wasn't blaring, Alex found himself tensing in anticipation. It was enough to take all the pleasure out of working in the garden, sunbathing on the deck, being outside.

And now it made Alex think twice before opening the kitchen window to the glorious autumn day.

Goddamn the motherfucking bastard to hell.

Alex slammed the frying pan he had just washed viciously onto the stove, making the burners shudder. Walter might believe in tolerance, but Alex did not.

There was only one small problem.

Or rather, Alex thought, two sensitive problems: cheeks one and two, still red and sore from the spanking Walter had administered the previous night after Alex had quite seriously suggested setting fire to the posts of their neighbor's wooden deck.

Well, the fire department would have arrived in time to control the fire! Alex thought, irritated. I checked the police band on our scanner; there were no competing fires last night. There was no chance of the fire spreading. And Mr. Noise has insurance. He could live, well and loudly, elsewhere.

Somehow Walter had seen neither Alex's proposal nor Alex's stash of contraband fire accelerant in an exactly charitable light....

So Alex was simply not going to mention The New Plan to him.

Alex logged onto IM under one of his more secret screen names and looked hopefully for Ringo Langly's icon.

Bingo. Ringo was on. No surprise there: The man lived his life online.

In4it: Where do I get electronics shit?

Gun_freak: Alex?

In4it: No names blond boy

Gun_freak: Sorry forgot. u need what?

In4it: Transmitter 2 disable radio/CD player next door

Gun_freak: Noise guy?

Gun_freak: Walter know?

In4it: if u tell him I'm dead.

Gun_freak: gotcha

Gun_freak: come see me I have some shit

In4it: k IOU

In4it has signed off

"Thanks, Ringo, I owe you one," Alex said again, stowing the tiny transmitter in his car. "I can't wait to see the bastard's face when this little gimzo kicks in."

"Good luck," Ringo said sympathetically. "Um, Alex? If Walter finds out..."

"Walter will have to kill me before I give you up. Don't worry, your ass is safe, Ringo," Alex said.

It's my ass he'll flame if he finds out, Alex thought to himself. Literally, too, not that Ringo needs to know that.

Not that Walter will find out.

Walter came home to find a phalanx of police, cable, phone and fire vehicles arrayed along their road.

Heart pounding, but trying not to panic, he unlocked their front door.

A determinedly casual Alex was sitting at the kitchen table, trimming salad greens for dinner.

"Alex, would you like to explain to me why there are a half dozen emergency vehicles outside?" Walter asked.

"Yes, I had a nice day, Walter, what about you?" Alex smiled winningly.

"Nice try, Alex," Walter conceded. "I'll ask you again, why are there a half dozen emergency vehicles outside?"

"There's some sort of emergency?" Alex hazarded.

"Alex!" Walter sharpened his tone. "I want to know, and I want to know NOW, Do You Know What Is Going on?"

Alex gulped.

"Yes, Walter," Alex said very softly. "I do know. And you are not going to be very happy with me, when I tell you."

"In that case, Alex, let's go into the living room. It sounds like we need to have a little talk."

"Yes, Walter." Alex lay aside his knife and the vegetables he was peeling. Rising, he followed Walter into the living room.

Walter pulled the curtains against the evening dark. The room was warm and private.

"Will our talk result in my spanking you, Alex?" Walter asked.

"I think so," Alex answered softly.

"Why don't you take off your jeans and boxers now then," Walter suggested.

Silently Alex undressed, folding his clothing in a neat pile.

"I'm sorry, Walter," Alex said, coming to stand penitently before Walter. "I just wanted to stop him from making noise."

"Our neighbor?" Walter asked sympathetically. He knew how much the man's music disturbed Alex.

Alex nodded shamefacedly.

"I set up a transmitter. To block his radio and hi-fi equipment. Only..." Alex's voice trailed off.

"You're going to spank me hard," Alex said. "Maybe you will even paddle me, when you hear the whole story."

"I may very well spank you hard, Alex. I may spank you extremely hard, if what I suspect is true. But I will only ever spank you with my hand," Walter said soothingly. "You know that, Alex. I promised."

Alex sighed with relief.

"It seems my transmitter affected more than just Mr. Noise's equipment," Alex said. "It seems the entire neighborhood was without television and radio reception. Car alarms and garage doors didn't work properly. And cell phone transmissions were blocked."

Walter glared at Alex.

"It was a very small transmitter," said Alex hopefully. "Though perhaps not strictly legal?"

Walter patted his lap.

"Over my knee, Alex," Walter said calmly. "I am going to spank you now.

With a resigned sigh, Alex squirmed into position.

Walter spanked hard and thoroughly, turning Alex's white buttocks a clear, dark red that matched the fall foliage in hue and intensity.

"You do not take the law into your own hands, Alex. Under any circumstances," Walter said, resting his scalding palm on Alex's scalding butt.

"I'm sorry, Walter, I'm sorry," Alex wept.

In the end, Walter opted to put Alex to bed. It seemed the best thing to do.

Walter held Alex until Alex was quiet. It took a very long time before Alex slept.

The following morning was crisp and clear. Walter threw open the bedroom windows. Loud rock music reverberated through the room.

Alex cringed.

"Enough's enough," said Walter briskly. He popped a CD into their portable boom box and strode out onto the balcony.

The earspliting howl of Wagner's Ride of the Valkurie rent the morning air.

For a few minutes, the two discordant musical themes competed in volume and intensity. Then, mercifully, there was silence.

"I knew there was a use for Wagner," Alex remarked to Walter over breakfast.

Walter smiled.


FOR HollyIlex, in celebration of her birthday and with appreciation for her friendship.EM